Beware of Salon Waxing!

wax pot

I’d like to share something totally disgusting but worth telling about, waxing at a salon.  I’ve been a hairdresser for thirty two years, (yikes that makes me sound old), a salon owner, a Board Certified Haircolorist and I’ve written a novel, Towel Dry and a Good Cry, about a hairdresser in the eighties.  I’m not bragging here I’m just showing that I know what I’m talking about on this subject.

One thing that grosses me out that happens in a salon and one of my biggest pet peeves is what happens in the waxing room in salons.  Not much grosses me out; I’m a plumber’s daughter, as well.  I can work on a head of hair that stinks to high heaven, a scalp full of psoriasis and a head full of stitches from a recent facelift but the one thing that really makes my skin crawl is ‘double dipping’ in the wax pot.

Every time a professional dips a waxing stick into the wax pot a new stick should be taken every time.  This doesn’t always happen.  The professional should take a new stick every time they dip. I personally don’t want to get my eyebrows done after someone has just had their ass waxed.

If you see a professional ‘double dipping’ the wax stick, do yourself a favor, “run Forrest run”!

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