Something for the Museum

Every fourth weekend of the month the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, in Nashville, hosts a flea market and sellers come from all over the area bartering for their treasures.  This past weekend’s October flea market is known for being the largest of the year.  This is an event I always look forward to. I never go to the flea market with the intentions of buying anything in particular, but I always manage to pick up a little something, for the right price.

The junk or the rusty gold is my favorite to look at. Everything has a past and a story to be told about it.

In my novel, Towel Dry and a Good Cry, Old Lady Cavendish tells Josie and Sadie a story about each piece of her furniture as they walk through the old lady’s apartment.

Here’s the little something I picked up at the flea market for my photo Museum of Hair History on my website.

Minipoo Dry Shampoo, circa 1947

Davant Men’s Talc, circa 1945

Paris, Tennessee


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