Red Hair Making a Comeback!

red 1

Get your red on! Thanks to the advancement of haircolor technology, red hair is making a comeback.  Reds of the past used to fade so quickly.  For hairdresser’s, fading was always a challenge because there were so many factors to consider in formulating but, that’s where chemistry and skill come in handy!  Today, haircolor chemists have made a major breakthrough with a no ammonia permanent haircolor.  Instead of the traditional water based haircolor this new technology is oil based allowing the color to go directly to the core for more intensity, long lasting wear, spectacular shine, perfect gray coverage and gentle on the hair and scalp. As a Haircolorist, I was thrilled to dabble in a new line and let me tell you, I love this stuff!  Shiny no fade haircolor, true to its tone.  If you’re scalp has ever been sensitive to permanent haircolor this no ammonia permanent color is a blessing.

Everyone can wear red haircolor but it has to be the right tone.  A hair colorist would know whether a blue red or an orange red would suit your skin 7red 5red 2red 3red 4

Always consult a professional when it comes to coloring your hair.  Remember it costs twice as much to fix!

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