Blush For Mature Skin

My last two blog posts, Conceal Age-related skin Imperfections and Mature Skin and Foundation, talked about the best way to conceal undereye dark circles, broken capillaries on the cheeks and choosing the best foundation for mature skin.

As we age older skin becomes more sallow. Blush can help mature skin recapture the rosiness of youth.

Blush comes in three forms: cream, powder and cream-powder. cream blush works best on dry skin because it adds a little more moisture. Powder blush is great for normal to oily skin, reducing shine and giving more holding power on the skin.

Warm shades of blush contain more yellow and red such as peach and pink. They are more forgiving on mature skin.

Gray or white haired look best in pink, rose, plum, mauve because it compliments cooler skin.

To minimize wrinkles, be sure to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

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