Bobbing For Apples

Who thought of Bobbing for Apples, anyway? It’s such an odd game, don’t you think?  Halloween has always been associated with the bobbing for apples tradition.

It seems, when the Romans conquered Britain, they brought with them an apple tree as a symbol for the goddess Pamona.  She was regarded as the protector and watchwoman of the fruit trees.Pomona

Pamona represents a flourishing of the fruit trees, fruitful abundance. The Celts’ believed Pamona was also known as the fertility goddess and over time the two beliefs were combined.

When an apple is cut in half, the seeds form a pentagram.  The Celts’ believed the pentagram was a fertility symbol. They believed the apple could determine marriages during the harvest time. Young unmarried people tried to bite into an apple floating in water. The first person to bite into an apple was said to be the next one married.

Pamona 2

Weird as this game is, the tradition of bobbing for apples has lived on and is still played today at Halloween parties.


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