Foundation for mature skin

Wearing foundation softens the appearance of fine lines, brightens skin, and hides discoloration that comes along with mature skin.

Choosing the right foundation and color are crucial to the outcome of younger looking skin.

Have you ever seen someone wearing the wrong shade of foundation and you can see a distinct line of demarcation along their jawline?

Picking the right shade will give you a natural look rather than a caked on look.

Mature skin needs color and concealment. When choosing a foundation, remember, it comes in two basic formulas, oil and water based. Water based foundations are sheer but don’t necessarily cover blotches or discoloration. Oil based foundation has the best coverage for evening out the skin.

Choosing the Right Shade:

For ruddy skin, Yellow based shades such as golden beige or honey beige are the most flattering.

For sallow complexions, Rose or ivory undertones look best.

Very pale skin, looks best in ivory, rather that yellow undertones, such as alabaster.

Always remember before applying foundation it is imperative to hydrate the face prior to using any foundation.

Seal your foundation with a loose or pressed powder geared for mature skin. Powders for mature skin contain more moisturizers and don’t make your skin look dry. Follow with blush. follow my next blog post on blush for mature skin!


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