Max Factor The Father Of Makeup

I can’t help it, I’m a makeup junkie. Here’s a little makeup history.  Max Factor is commonly known as the father of modern makeup.max 2

Max Faktor, born in Poland in the late 1870’s, was one of ten children.  At age eight Max did an apprenticeship at a pharmacy and after mixing potions all day long Max became fascinated with cosmetics.max 3

In the late 1800’s Max Faktor opened a cosmetics store in a suburb of Moscow selling his hand-made creams, rouges, perfumes and human hair wigs.

During that time a theatre group performing for the Russian nobility wore Max Faktor’s makeup and it made such an impression with the Russian nobility that they appointed Max as the official expert for the Royal family and the Imperial Russian Grand Opera.max 5

In 1904 Max Faktor and his family moved to the United States and he was given the name Max Factor by Immigration officials at Ellis Island.  He participated in the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis selling his cosmetics.

Max dreamed of Hollywood and in 1908 moved his family to L.A. and created a make-up specifically for movie actors, unlike theatre makeup.max 1

Soon after he opened a store and movie stars were flooding into his shop to sample the makeup while producers sought Max Factor’s human hair wigs.max 6

In the 1920’s Max Factor introduced a line of cosmetics to the public, claiming every girl could look like a movie star by using his makeup and to this day, the company still has that motto.

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