Hiram Maxin and Marcel Grateau

While Hiram Maxin, inventor of the machine gun, is known to have obtained the first patent for a curling iron in 1866, it’s Marcel Grateau who is credited for actually inventing the curling iron in 1990.

The Marcel iron, was a revolutionary breakthrough for women and their hair

. Salons boomed with business from woman wanting the new hair trend.

Little did Hiram Maxin or Marcel Grauteau know was, that for one hundred and thirty years and still counting, the curling iron revolutionized the way women do their hair.

Have a look at my photo Museum of Hair History to look at some cool pictures of the past tools used in the Beauty and Barber industry.

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Using a Curling Iron the Old Fashioned way

We think nothing, today, of plugging a curling iron in, waiting for it to heat and then curling our hair. Can you imagine, back in the day, what it was like to heat your curling iron up by fire? I can’t believe that process could have been very healthy on the hair. I can just smell the singed hair just thinking about it!

Here are some of the old ways in which women used to heat their curling irons and I have added these pictures into my Photo Museum of Hair History on my website: judydeluca.com

Notice the two barrels on top of this stove. Two curling irons could be heated at the same time.

curling iron heater 3 double This was the old cast iron stove that curling irons were inserted in to heat the curling iron.

curling iron heater 4

Then in the late 1800’s curling irons were heated by Kerosene lamps.

curling iron heater 5

These next two photo’s were some of the first electrical heaters for curling irons.

curling iron heater

curling iron heater 2

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