Creative perms of the early 90’s.

My novel, Towel Dry and a Good Cry, takes place in the early eighties and Josie Capelli, the main character, is in the thick of the perm era. The boom in perming in the late seventies and throughout eighties seemed to happen over night.

Hair in the nineties became long and straight and the general public viewed perms as out of date. The science changed and brought better technology in the perm solutions making less damaging perms such as perms with no ammonia.

Stylist’s found new ways to incorporate perms into a client’s look in the nineties with new wraps and perming tools. Creative perming moved from the old-fashioned perming machines…  circa 1934

to stacked perms… created by Dwight Miller

and one of my own creative perms from the nineties.

Even today, with all the relaxing and keratin straightening that is being done, perms are still not a thing of the past.   They’ve been re-invented again using names like, texture perm, partial perms or body waves. I’m curious to see what the next decade will bring.

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