Nasty Bumps On The Back Of Your Arms?

Hate those bumps on the back of your arms? Want nice smooth skin?

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Those small bumps on the back of your arms and legs are caused when dead skin piles up around a hair follicle.  They’re especially common in the winter. The only way to rid these unwanted bumps is to exfoliate. Exfoliate with a nice body scrub and loofah every time you shower and most importantly, immediately follow with a thick moisturizer. You have to be diligent and bumps will disappear with in two weeks and your arms and legs will be soft as a baby’s bum….promise.

Here are my favorite moisturizers, a little pricey but I feel some of the best for this problem,


On the lower budget I think one of the best drug store products is good old faithful Aveeno.Aveeno-Daily-Moisturizing-Lotion-381370036005


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