Chlorine Build Up In The Hair & UV Damage


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Don’t let swimming in a chlorinated pool or the sun ruin your hair. These are factors which contribute to drying out your hair and fading your hair color. Summer can be brutal on the hair and every year I tell my clients a few helpful hints.   Such as, before you go in the pool wet your hair down first.  Think of a sponge. Once the sponge is wet its hard for it to absorb any more water. Always use shampoo’s and conditioners that are for swimmers immediately after swimming. These two things can help a lot with chlorine build up.

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How do you know you have a build-up? The hair will have a slimy feel to it when wet and it will tangle easily. Blondes tend to show a greenish cast on the hair. For more protection you can smooth on a leave in conditioner before swimming.

chlorine hair

UV damage is also something you can try to beat with the many products out there to minimize UV damage.  Look for haircare products that contain UVA/UVB sunscreens to provide protection against the sun. Wearing a hat or a top knot will also reduce sun exposure. Using a hair mask a couple of times a week helps restore moisture and strength.

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