New Technology For Hair Transplants, The NeoGraph


Finally new technology in transplanting hair! The newest advancement in hair transplantation is the NeoGraph. I am by no means endorsing this procedure because I haven’t even seen anyone that has had it done yet! I was fascinated by this technology and thought anyone looking into a hair transplant might find this interesting.

Hair transplants have come a long way since what I used to see years ago ‘behind my chair’ at the salon.  No longer are they a plug or clump of many hairs coming out of one follicle, similar to a dolls head of hair.  Scars have been more minimal, and hair has been transplanted in individual hairs, looking more natural, and placed in a natural hair growth pattern instead of the old horse shoe way of placing the hair around the hairline looking so obviously transplanted.

The problem, however, especially for hairstylists, has been the scar in the back of the head of hair from harvesting the hair. From my own experience, it has always been difficult to cut and blend a head of hair with a scar from ear to ear in the back of the head. This also limits the client as to how short they can go with their haircuts.

NeoGraph is a new technique more efficient and a less traumatic harvest of the follicle units compared to the ‘strip harvest’. With NeoGraph, individual follicular units are encircled by a tiny surgical punch attached to a devise.  When suction is applied by the NeoGraph Machine, the graphs are then automatically extracted from the donor area.  These follicular units are then carefully separated and are ready for transplantation.

So what does all this mean to the layperson thinking about a transplant?

transplant scar 2

In a nutshell, rather than basically having an operation and having a long strip of a scar from ear to ear in the back of the head and having intravenous or intra-muscular sedation this procedure is done with local anesthetic and does not have the scar or down time as the old method.  The hair is extracted from all over the head rather than in a straight line strip.

Having the NeoGraph done, hair can be worn short without fear of a scar showing and can also be used to transplant hair to an existing scar.

Other advantages of having this way of hair transplanting done are, shorter operating time and recovery time, no scalpel is used or sutures or staples, a more minimal risk of pain from nerve damage and damage to occipital or temporal blood vessels, a minimal risk of bleeding and most of all a bigger yield of hair graphs compared to the strip method.

But…there is always one thing, a price to pay, if you will, the head has to be shaved to do the procedure.

Just like anything else, do your homework and find the best Board Certified plastic surgeon for the best results. Talk to people that have had it done for the real low-down.

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