Old Lady Cavendish

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When I was developing the character, Old Lady Cavendish, I had to give her a distinguished trait or something that would really identify with her appearance. A thought popped in my head of something that I had experienced in the past and the story turned out to be the perfect identifying trait for Old Lady Cavendish.

My father-in-law had an old scratchy wool gray cardigan he kept by the door. He’d put the sweater on when he felt cold or when he went outside. When he passed away I took the old wool cardigan and now it’s hung in my hall closet for when I’m cold or when I go outside. Every single time I wear that sweater I think of him with the fondest memories.  At one time I wanted to replace the buttons on the old gray cardigan to something more hip and you can see by the photo I still haven’t changed the buttons!

Here’s a quote from Towel Dry and a Good Cry about Old Lady Cavendish:

I followed her to the kitchen and set the food down on the counter. On her slightly stooped frame was the same sweater she wore every day. It didn’t matter the temperature out, she always had it on. It was a gray cardigan, her father’s, she’d told me. She had removed all the old gray buttons and replaced them with buttons that were a cluster of pearls and rhinestones. A more feminine touch to a not-so-feminine garment.


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