A quote

I’m famous for writing things down I hear or read that appeal to me. The problem is, I usually write them down on whatever I can get my hands on, at the moment, and I end up finding little notes all over my house. Today, in a basket I keep my kitchen scissors in, I found one of those tiny pieces of paper with a quote written on it. I have no idea who wrote it, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

“His heart rose up briefly, like a scrap of paper on a breath of wind, then quickly settled back to the ground.”

Judy DeLuca’s Latest Novel

Towel Dry and a Good Cry is about a young girl, new to the hairdressing business, that learns all too quick that there is more to standing behind the chair than just cutting hair.  A story full of laughs and tears lies and fears with characters you’ll love, hate or will leave your jaw hanging open!

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