The Grunge Era vs Today

The Grunge era, in the mid eighties, brought a whole new wave of music, hair and fashion that’s not too different from what’s popular today. What’s bringing my attention to this is, that in the eighties I was cutting and coloring hair like these styles shown below. Now I’m doing it all over again because it’s back in style.  What goes around comes around!

How about these clothes?  Look familiar?

What about, The Ombre, which is so popular today? This photo, from the Grunge era, depicts what hairstylists were doing back in the mid eighties. Looks pretty similar to today’s Ombre, doesn’t it? Grunge music, also known as the Seattle sound, emerged from the state of Washington and was inspired by hardcore punk and heavy metal.  The sound was distorted electric guitars and angst-filled lyrics.  Here’s a taste of the tunes from back in the day by, Alice In Chains.

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