“Grooming The Shrubbery”

Standing behind my chair day in and day out, a lot of topics get discussed. This particular question comes up a lot from young and old clients.  Who better to ask than your hairstylist when it comes to questions about “grooming the shrubbery”? These are the three most asked questions I get, 1) what is the best way to cut the hair, 2) does it turn gray and 3) can I color it and what do I use?

It’s all a matter of preference but this is usually the answers I give.  Besides shaving, using a clipper with an attachment is the easiest and most accurate way of “pruning”.  Yes, unfortunately, it turns gray.  There is a special hairdye called Betty Beauty Down There Hair Color that you can buy online for $14.99.

Choose from eight colors…..how fun!  Brown Betty, Fun Hot Pink Betty, Sexy Lilac Betty, Blonde Betty, Auburn Betty, Love Red Betty, Lucky Green Betty and Malibu Blue Betty

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