The marcel curling iron

Josie Capelli, the main character of my book, landed herself a job at a swanky hair salon.  She was told by Deolena, her new boss, that she was required to use a marcel curling iron. Josie hadn’t quite mastered the hang of that thing yet and she had to master it in a hurry.

In the early eighties everyone was using a curling iron and women that were used to going to the salon for a weekly roller set were starting to branch out and get a weekly curling iron set. (The beginning of the end of roller sets for anyone who wasn’t ancient)

The marcel curling iron had no temperature dial.  It was unbelievably hot and used with the right setting spray, resulted in a pretty firm curl with no roller marks to tease out.

If you touched any skin with this iron, such as an ear, either your own or a client that’s talking a mile a minute bobbing her head around, even for a micro-second, a blister would appear immediately!

This is a picture of my 80’s marcel iron I had back in the day. (We also used it in the video book trailer)  This particular iron, a Helene Curtis, was considered a state of the art tool at that time.


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