Dry Chapped Hands


We all know as soon as the cold weather comes our hands take a beating. Being a hairdresser, my hands are always chapped and dry as a bone. My cure-all in these winter months for dry chapped hands is using a salt scrub followed by an intense moisturizer.

When your hands are dry and chapped the main goal is to slough off all those dead skin cells.  A salt scrub is a cleansing, exfoliating product of basically salt and oil that will make your hands (and body) softer and healthier. Be careful if you are using a product such as this in the shower, the oil can make your shower very slick and slippery.

Salt scrubs generally run around thirty dollars but there are many homemade recipes to make your own. There are three ingredients in making your own salt scrubs, sea salt, almond oil and a few drops of essential oils.  If you tend to have sensitive skin you can replace the salt for sugar.

So, if you have dry chapped hands and want them silky smooth you might want to try this.

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