Baby Fine Hair And What To Do With It!


This is, unfortunately,a subject I know all too well, baby fine hair. As a hairdresser,  I am always looking for new products and new ways to make my fine hair look thicker. Every morning when I am doing my hair I say, “I hate my hair”! Here’s what I’ve learned through experience with myself and my clients with baby fine hair. First off, I’m not talking about women that have balding issues or alopecia. For that there are many different medications, wigs, hairpieces and so many other things that woman have to choose from to help in that area of hair loss.

Baby fine hair should not be grown past the shoulders because it always looks weak and stringy. On a blond, the hair almost looks transparent. Blunt cuts work well.

hair 26or if the hair is a little finer on top a long layer shorter cut works well, 24There are so many cute shorter hairstyles that are very much ‘in’ today thanks to the pixie trend coming back into style. There are a lot of variations of the pixie cut to choose from. Your professional hairstylist is always the best one for advice on this. I even hate to mention this because, for many people it is frightful but, there is always a body perm. Perms have come a long way from the damaging your hair stand point. Sometimes I will perm just the underneath of someone with baby fine hair that has a bob to give volume underneath. There are many creative ways to perming these days than the scary 1980’s perms!

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As far as products go, with fine hair, even though it says on the bottle ‘gives volume’ etc. a lot of these products weigh our poor little baby fine hair down. I personally like gel. I apply it only at my roots for maximum root lift and I use a paste after it is dry to put some texture into the hair so it is not so soft.

A trick when blowdrying that baby fine hair of yours, tip your head upside down when drying and with the palm of your hand make circular motions one way and then in the opposite direction when drying the top part of your hair. These motions create a teased effect and adds even more body to the top of your hair.

Be weary of metal core brushes, for they can singe your baby hair. Bore bristle is the best and polishes some shine into your hair.

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