A Monks Haircut, the Tonsure. What’s up with that?

We’ve all seen that bizarre haircut Monks sport. It’s called the tonsure, derived from the Latin word, tondere, meaning to shear.

The haircut was meant to mark a certain stage in a religious journey which had deep emotional significance.

Maybe it’s the hairdresser in me but, I can think of much more interesting ways to cut someone’s hair as they climb up the spiritual ladder. I mean, what exactly is the tonsure representing? A halo? A sunny side up egg? What?

Hair has always been viewed as an adornment. One that can be used for sexual arousal, eroticism, and a means to attract the opposite sex.

The last thing a Monk would want, is to bring any sexual attention to themselves because of their celibacy vow. The tonsure, and it’s simply my opinion, achieves the goal of unattractiveness. It’s unknown who inspired the tonsure, but I tip my hat. Mission accomplished, well done!


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