11th Century Women’s Hair History

Here’s a little 11th century hair history.

lady 3

During the eleventh century, early Christians set themselves against woman wearing any type of makeup or cosmetics; it was believed to be vain and sinful. The hair was the only acceptable expression of beauty that that could be done to enhance their femininity. Women grew their hair to their knees and created beautiful braids with their locks.

Myth or not, this cloak of femininity was never so utilized as when Lady Godiva made her first naked protest clothed only in her hair in 1057.

Lady Godiva 2

The eleventh century noblewoman was married to the Earl of Mercia and Lord of the Coventry. Lady Godiva pleaded with her husband to lessen the crippling taxes of the time. He agreed if she would ride horseback naked through the market square with only her hair to cover her.

lady 4


Her husband kept his promise.

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