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I put a ‘Reading Suggestions’page on my website because I wanted to write a list of all the books I thought went way beyond the call of duty, if you know what I mean. As any avid reader can tell you, when you read a lot it’s hard to remember the exact details to a book you’ve read over five years ago but, my list is the type of books that stay with you a while!

My latest entry is, We Need to Talk About Kevin by: Lionel Shriver.

Kevin 1Kevin 2

If a friend of mine didn’t practically hog tie me to read this book, I probably wouldn’t have because of the subject matter, mental illness and a killing spree. Not exactly top on my list of topics to read.

The day I opened the first page to this book was the last day I did a thing for a week until I finished the book.

It was the most twisted, most demented and most horrific book I have ever read but I could not put it down.

If you’re up for an eye view of what mental illness can do, you’ve got to read this. It’s ‘Reading Suggestions’ worthy.

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