Leaving Coins On The Top Of A Veterans Gravestone And The Meaning Behind The Tradition

When I was in one of my Covid entrapment cleaning frenzies, I came across a heap of silk flower cemetery arrangements, I had bought off season. I had thrown them in a corner of the basement with the thoughts I’d put them away later. That was almost a year ago. But, it got me thinking of Memorial Day and decorating the graves of family members, and a story my father told me about leaving a coin on the gravestone of a Veteran.

The tradition of leaving coins on top of the gravestones of Veterans began in the United States during the Vietnam war, to pay respects of fallen servicemen.

Placing a coin on top of the gravestone gives a message for the deceased Veterans family.

Each coin represents its own meaning.

A penny means, the gravesite has been visited.

A nickel means, the person visiting went to bootcamp with the deceased.

A dime means, the person visiting served with them.

And a quarter means the visitor was with the Veteran when they were killed.

This is a story worth sharing and a really cool thing to do for a family of a deceased serviceman.


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