Brilliant Book Quote

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say sometimes, I read up a storm and other times I may not read a book for months. Sometimes, a book devours all my time and stirs me so much that there’s just not a book worthy of following that one. And sometimes, I will read a line from a book that just floors me. Floors me enough to reread the line several times and possibly write it down because the line is so brilliant.

I have been in what I call, reading mode, chomping down on a stack of books I’ve had awaiting me for quite some time. I opened the book Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman and reached the second sentence and had to stop for one of those reread moments and for sure, this time, I had to write this sentence down because this was writing at its finest.

On this glorious day, the brilliant sky is filled with banks of motionless clouds, fleecy as sheep, but so obedient and lazy they haven’t a need of a Shepard or fence.

Enough said.

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