Men and Women Sick of Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs are the hardest thing to remove without destroying your skin by squeezing and trying to tweeze them out. Shaving and waxing are usually the culprit. Dead skin piles up around the hair follicle causing the hair to get trapped causing these nasty bumps called ingrown hairs.

ingrown hair 4

Men usually get ingrown hairs on the the neckline and face.


Women tend to get them in the bikini area and other places that they have  waxed.

Use a scrub and moisturize the skin everyday to prevent ingrown hairs. Make sure you use a scrub designed specifically for the face or the body.

ingrown hair 3ingrown hair 2

If you have an ingrown hair, use a dab of scrub on a clean toothbrush, going gently back and forth over the area to loosen dead skin and it will make it easier to release the hair.


I think Tend Skin this is one of the best products on the market to combat the problem of ingrown hairs. If you are diligent with this product night and day, use a scrub and a moisturizer, then it will only take a day or two to release that hair.


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