Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Needs And Budget


Speaking as a professional in the hairdressing business, I always recommend professional products because of quality ingredients. There are plenty of professional products out there of many different price scales that can be good for your hair and purse, if you are aware of just a few things.

Choose the best brand you can afford and make sure it suits your specific needs, colored treated, volume, smoothing, etc.

Cheap shampoos have harsh detergents that are not formulated for the specific needs of your hair and have low grade ingredients. Sulfate free shampoos are being advertised everywhere. So, what is the difference?

Shampoo in the past was always made with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which was used to form a rich lather.  In reality it was an inexpensive grease cutting detergent which made the hair dry because it roughed up the cuticle of the hair, the outside layer of a single hair that under magnification looks like shingles.

So basically, sulfate free shampoo means, without harsh detergent. It should be top on the list of things you’d want to look for in choosing a shampoo for your needs. Another tip for choosing the right shampoo is keep in mind that clear shampoos are more lightweight than creamy ones which make them better for oily hair or baby fine hair. Creamy shampoo is the best for dry damaged hair.

It’s always good to adhere to a few other tips for healthy looking hair. Always use a conditioner, dry damaged hair should also use a leave-in conditioner as well, don’t towel dry vigorously, blot instead, use ‘thermal protection’ products when applying heat to your hair, don’t use the highest setting on your irons and most of all, get your hair trimmed regularly. The only cure for damaged trashed hair is to cut it off!

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