Halloween Game for Children, Witch’s Brew

This is one of my favorite Halloween children’s game, Witch’s Brew.112

This is a fun Halloween game to play at parties.

All you will need is: straws, construction paper and bowls.

Each child needs to cut out ten Halloween shapes such as, ghosts, bats and spiders on construction paper.104

Have several templates ready ahead of time so the children can trace them out on the construction paper.Each shape should be the size of a tennis ball.



When the children have finished cutting out their shapes, place them beside a small bowl.

Using the straw as a vacuum, each player tries to pick up a shape and place it in the bowl to create a Witch’s Brew. The first one to get all ten in the bowl the fastest wins the game!

121I hope your children enjoy this Halloween children’s game as much as mine did.

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