Legend of the Lenten Pretzel


The pretzel, being symbolic of prayer and penance during Lent, is a small but powerful instrument in bring families to God.

Lent is a period of fasting and self-denial.  Praying, fasting and penance, at this time, is an imitation of our Lord’s fasting for forty days and forty nights in preparation for Easter.

In the Roman Empire the faithful kept a strict fast.  No milk, butter, cheese eggs, cream or meat were eaten during Lent.  They made small breads of water, flour and salt to remind them that Lent was a time for pray and penance.  They shaped these breads in the form of crossed arms for in those days they crossed their arms over the breast while praying.  They called the breads “little arms” (bracellae). From this Latin word Germanic people named them pretzels.

Many Christians follow this tradition with their children and I’ve included a little story of how Josie and her family celebrate this tradition in my sequel to Towel Dry and a Good Cry , Towel Dry and an Alibi, that I’m currently working on.

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