The Barber and The Barber Pole

red and white barber pole

Josie Capelli, the main character in my novel, Towel Dry and a Good Cry, had a grandfather that was a barber for over fifty years.  Josie learned a lot about the profession of hair from him.

Barbering is one of the oldest professions going back six thousand years.  A barber, back in the day, performed other things besides cutting hair and shaving.  It was common for a barber to pull a tooth or surgically do a bloodletting.  They were known then, as Barber Surgeons.

When barbers did bloodletting they rinsed the blood soaked cloths they were using and hung them in front of their businesses to dry.  The symbol of these stained white cloths waving in the wind became the reasoning behind the idea of a barber pole, symbolizing that a barber was on duty. The original barber pole had red and white stripes.  The barber pole that we know today has red white and blue stripes representing our country.

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