Salon Owners Booth Renters, Do You Have A Contract? Don’t get caught with your pants down

There’s always been misconceptions on what is legal with salon booth rental situations. Are booth renters employee’s? Do they pay their own taxes? How does the owner of the salon deal with certain rules of conduct when someone within their business is self- employed? The answer is, get it in writing.

Here’s a simple least agreement that salon owners can use, so there are no surprises in the management of the overall salon.

The Leasee:

_________Salon, grants to the Leasee the right to use one space inside the premises. This space is rented for the purpose of cosmetology, manicuring or aesthetics. The Leasee is allowed to use common areas such as, the waiting area, the shampoo area, break room and restrooms. ________Salon will provide all utilities, heat, air conditioning, electricity, and water.


This agreement is for a one year period. From,_________to_________. Renewal is at the end of this term, and the amount of rent is subject to change.

Rent, in the sum of, ____________, per week, shall be paid at the end of each work week.  Failure to pay rent on time, will result in a monetary penalty of _____per day until full rent is paid.


*the Leasee understands that they are an independent contractor and are not an employee. The Leasee is responsible for paying all taxes related to their income according to the state and local authorities.

The Leasee waives any right or claim to any workman’s compensation or unemployment benefits.

*____________Salon will provide a clean atmosphere in all common areas and the Leasee is responsible for keeping their work area clean and sanitized.

*the Leasee is responsible for purchasing their own supplies relating to their business.

*the Leasee as well as their clients are responsible for respective behavior and

__________Salon has the right to refuse service to anyone with disruptive behavior.

*____________Salon has zero tolerance for drug use during working hours and can result in a cancellation of this lease agreement.

*Leasee must have their own professional liability insurance and must show proof of purchase to__________Salon.

*Leasee has the right to advertise using the salon name.

*Leasee acknowledges all rules of the salon in conducting oneself with professionalism.

*Leasee acknowledges that, at any time, a client is not satisfied with a service, the Leasee is responsible for rectifying the situation. If the situation is not corrected by the Leasee,__________Salon reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement.

Continuing Education:

*Continuing education is required to uphold the skill level, __________Salon has a reputation for. (personalize hours, classes, or shows for continuing education)


*violations to this lease agreement may result in termination of this lease.

*in the event a Leasee has to terminate this agreement, a 30 day written notice must be provided and all rent be paid in full up to that date.

_________________Lessor _______Date


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