Home Remedy for Green Hair Caused By Chlorine And Copper

Here’s a quick at home remedy to neutralize green hair caused by chlorine and copper.


Of course I would recommend seeing a professional for this but there are times we need a good home cure! Blonde hair is usually the color hair that tends to absorb the chlorine and copper in water. Blonde hair that’s been tinged green from copper and chlorine in swimming pools can be treated at home with a good dose of ketchup.

Apply ketchup from roots to ends and leave on the hair for five to ten minutes. The red in the ketchup will neutralize the green in the hair.

It is always a good rule of thumb to wet the hair before swimming. A good soaking makes it harder for the hair to absorb any more water. And always use a shampoo for swimmers to prevent hair from getting a chlorine build up.

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