Old-Fashioned Eyelash Beading

Vintage beauty tools, techniques and trends in the hair and make-up world of the past, has always captured my attention. One of those old beauty techniques, the art of eyelash beading, recently came to my attention and I thought I would share what it was all about.

In the later part of the nineteenth century many actresses and dancers beaded their eyelashes to make them appear darker and longer giving them that doe-eyed look. This technique was done way before there was such a thing as false eyelashes.

beading 2


The idea was to create a clump of mascara at the end of each eyelash. To achieve this eyelash beading affect you needed a cake of mascara, a pan to melt the cake in, a heating unit and an eyelash-quill used to apply the mascara with.

photo (1)

beading 4

beading 3

The makeup was applied with the quill to the individual eyelashes and a small bead was left on each lash tip. When the eyelash beading was complete the woman had the look of strung black beads around her eyes.

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