Making Facial Peach Fuzz More Noticeable

A lot of women make the mistake of thinking the more makeup they put on their face the less noticeable their peach fuzz will look. That is not true, in fact, that is the complete opposite of what you should do.  Putting more makeup on actually makes the peach fuzz more noticeable.

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Try to avoid using thick foundations or powders on area’s where you have superfluous hair. These products can cause the hairs to become more visible by forming a coating over them. If coverage is essential wipe off the excess with a tissue or boar bristle makeup brush.

hair 8It is always a good idea to look at yourself once your makeup is applied in a mirror by a window or a mirror with

magnification to be sure your makeup doesn’t bring out that peach fuzz.

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Facial hair has been an issue for women forever but, there are many ways to treat it temporarily or permanently.

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Depilatorieshair 12

And many many more choices of temporarily ridding that unwanted hair.

Electrology is the only permanent way of removing peach fuzz or dark bristly hair.

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Laser hair removal is also the only permanent way of removing hair but only dark hair. It can not be used on superfluous light in color hair.

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